Miscellaneous Tips

Add Google Search to Internet Explorer,

Click here to install Googel Search in Internet Explorer.

Fixing Windows Scripting Errors

1a. Start | Run | Regsvr32 vbscript.dll
1b. Start | Run | Regsvr32 jscript.dll

2.  Sometimes there's a corrupt file in the cache and one must go to Tools |
     Internet Options and click Delete Files.

3.  Re-register all DLLs listed in http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=281679

4.  You might want to refresh your scripting engine:

5.  Error message when you browse the web: An error has occurred in the script on this page

6.  Scripting errors when you view web pages in Internet Explorer after installing Office 2003

7.  IE Tools>Internet Options>Advanced>Browsing>Enable third-party browser extensions
     (uncheck & reboot).

8.   Find the hijacker that caused 5a to be checked 
      (or if none were checked, check for hijackware anyway):

9.  Go to:
     Tools / Internet Options / Advanced.
     Check the box to Disable script debugging.
     Uncheck the box to Display a notification about every script error.

Disabling Chinese text in Vista / Office 2007

Having Word or Excel switch to Chinese while you are typing can be very frustrating.
Especially when the “reset to default format” hotkeys [control] & [space] can cause it.

To remove Chinese follow these steps:

  1. Start Control Panel
  2. Start Regional and Language Settings
  3. Click Keyboards and Languages
  4. Click Change keyboards
  5. Remove unwanted languages, eg Chinese, click OK
  6. Click Administrative
  7. Click Copy to reserved accounts, select both accounts, click OK
  8. Click OK to close Regional and Language Settings
  9. Close Control Panel
  10. Logout

The Login screen should no longer have the “En” button to show and select languages in the bottom left corner.
In Word the hotkeys [control] & [space] should now reset selected text to default formatting.

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